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Constitution of Hunan Machinery Industry Association

(Adopted at the 6th General Meeting on 28 August 2020)

Chapter I General rules


Article 2 The group is a provincial-level non-profit social organization voluntarily formed by enterprises and public institutions, social organizations and individuals engaged in machinery manufacturing production, standard formulation, research and development, design, product manufacturing, distribution, scientific research and after-sales service in Hunan Province。

Article 3 本团体的宗旨是:以马克思列宁主义、毛泽东思想、邓小平理论、“三个代表”重要思想、科学发展观、习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,Adhere to the Party's basic line and program,Always uphold the interests of the industry,Serving the government and member units as the starting point,Give full play to the role of the government and members, members and members of the bridge, link,To promote the sustainable and healthy development of machinery industry and strive。

The group abides by the Constitution, laws, regulations and state policies, practices socialist core values, and abides by social ethics。The organization adheres to the overall leadership of the Communist Party of China, establishes Party organizations, carries out Party activities, and provides necessary conditions for the activities of Party organizations in accordance with the provisions of the Party's constitution。

Article 4 The group accepts the business guidance, supervision and management of Hunan Provincial Civil Affairs Department, the leading organ of Party building, the Social Organization Industry Committee of Hunan Provincial Industry and Information Technology Department of the Communist Party of China, and relevant government departments。

Article 5 Address: 蔡锷南路119, Changsha City, Hunan Province。


Chapter II Business scope

Article 6 The scope of business of the group

(a) to carry out in-depth industry research, and actively reflect the industry and members' demands to the government and its relevant departments,To put forward opinions and suggestions on industry development and legislation and regulations,Actively participate in the research and formulation of relevant laws and regulations, macro-control and industrial policies,To participate in the formulation and revision of industry standards, industry development plans and industry access conditions,Improve industry management,Promote industry development。

(2) Collect, sort out, analyze and publish technical and economic information of the industry, and provide information services for the government, enterprises and members。

(3) Collect and feedback product quality information of the industry, organize and carry out product quality improvement and improvement activities, provide diagnosis and consulting services for the quality work of enterprises, and participate in the quality certification and supervision and management of the industry entrusted by the government。

(4) Entrusted by the State Office for Science and Technology Awards,To organize the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements of new products, new technologies, new processes and new materials and the identification of new products,Organize members to carry out technical exchanges, technical promotion and joint development work,Provide technical consulting and technical services for enterprises,Promote technological progress in the industry。

(5) Entrusted by the government, organize the industry to participate in the national and provincial scientific and technological achievements evaluation activities, organize the evaluation of science and technology awards in the machinery industry of Hunan Province, and participate in the preliminary research work such as scientific and technological research and the preparation of major technical equipment guidelines。

(6) To carry out various forms of technical and economic exchange activities, and to organize domestic (international) exhibitions (sales) meetings authorized by government departments to provide services for enterprises to explore domestic and foreign markets。

(7) Promoting the achievements of reform and management innovation,Carry out enterprise management diagnosis consulting activities,Organize and recommend enterprises that meet the standard of basic work of machinery industry management, demonstration enterprises of management progress, modern management enterprises and excellent (star) entrepreneurs, excellent management workers, model workers and advanced workers in the national machinery industry。

(8) Cooperate with relevant departments to investigate and study the situation involving the interests of members and the interests of the machinery industry, put forward policy suggestions, safeguard the overall interests of the industry, promote fair competition of machinery enterprises, and organize members to carry out rights protection activities。

(9) To organize and carry out the introduction, exchange and training of talents in the industry。

(10) Organize and carry out publicity and exchange work, and actively run the official website of Hunan Machinery Industry Association, the website of the association: 7l0iy9.360nao.com。

(11) Accept the authorization of Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, and undertake to organize, coordinate and guide all associations in the industry to carry out various business activities。

  (12) Undertake other work entrusted by government departments and provide other services required by enterprises。

(13) Conduct anti-dumping, anti-monopoly, anti-subsidy, anti-price alliance and other investigations and safeguard measures litigation on behalf of industry enterprises, or submit investigation applications to the government。


Chapter III Members

Article 7 The members of the group are unit members and individual members。

Article VIII To apply for membership in this group, the following requirements must be met:

(1) Support the articles of association of the organization;

(2) have the intention to join the group;

(3) It has certain influence in the industry field of the group。

The ninth article The membership process is:

(1) Submit an application for membership;

(2) After discussion and adoption by the Board of Directors;

(3) When the Board of Directors is not in session, the Board of Directors authorizes the Secretariat to review the membership on behalf of the member;

(d) The Secretariat authorized by the Council to issue membership cards。

Unit members should appoint a current principal responsible person to participate in the activities of the Association on behalf of the unit, and appoint a liaison officer to contact the Association。If a member representative leaves the company or retires, a new member representative should be replaced。

Article ten Members enjoy the following rights:

(1) the right to vote, the right to stand for election and the right to vote;

(2) Participate in the activities organized by the Association;

(3) Obtaining the priority of the group's services;

(4) The right to criticize, make suggestions and supervise the work of the organization;

(5) to join the association voluntarily, freely withdraw from the association, and go through the admission and withdrawal procedures;

(6) Give priority to Posting all kinds of information on the official website of the organization;

(7) The right to recommend directors of the group;

(8) Free access to the group's series of materials。

Article 11 Members perform the following obligations:

(1) Implement the resolutions of the group;

(2) safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the organization;

(3) to complete the work assigned by the organization;

(4) to pay dues according to regulations;

(5) To reflect the situation and provide relevant information to the group;

(6) care about the work of the group and participate in the activities of the Association。

Article 12 Members should notify the Organization in writing of withdrawal, return the membership card, and go through the withdrawal procedures。

If a member does not pay membership dues or does not participate in the activities of the Association for one year, it will be regarded as automatic withdrawal。

Article 13 If a member commits a serious violation of this Constitution, the Board of Directors shall vote to remove him from the membership。If the member disagrees with the decision of the Association, he may request reconsideration。


Chapter IV Organizational structure and the selection and removal of the person in charge

Article 14 The supreme authority of the organization is the General Assembly。The functions and powers of the General Assembly are:

(1) To formulate and amend the articles of association;

(2) To elect and remove directors and supervisors;

(3) To formulate and revise the criteria for membership dues;

(4) To examine the work report and financial report of the Council;

(5) deciding on termination;

(6) to decide on other major matters;

(7) Reviewing the work report of the Board of Supervisors。

Article 15 The general meeting of the members shall be held only when more than two-thirds of the members are present, and its resolutions shall be valid only when voted by more than half of the representatives of the members present。

Article 16 The term of office of the General Assembly is 4 years。Due to special circumstances need to advance or delay the change of the term, must be voted by the board of directors, and approved by the registration administration of societies。However, the extension of the term of office shall not exceed one year。

Article 17 The Council is the executive body of the General Assembly, leading the daily work of the Group during the intersessional period, and is responsible to the General Assembly。

Article 18 The functions and powers of the Council are:

(1) Implementing the resolutions of the General Assembly;

(2) To elect and remove the chairman, vice chairman, secretary general and chief supervisor;

(3) preparing for the general meeting of members;

(4) Reporting work and financial status to the general Assembly;

(5) To decide on the admission or expulsion of members;

(vi) To decide on the establishment or cancellation of the office, branch, representative office and entity;

(7) To decide on the appointment of deputy secretaries-general and principal heads of institutions;

(8) To lead the work of various organs of the Association;

(9) To examine and approve the internal management system;

(10) To decide on other major matters。

Article 19 The Council shall be convened only when more than two-thirds of the directors are present, and its resolution shall be valid only when voted by more than two-thirds of the directors present。

Article 20 The Council shall meet at least once a year, and in special cases may also be convened by means of correspondence。

Article 21 The Association shall have a president, a number of vice presidents and a chief supervisor。The president, vice president and Secretary general must meet the following requirements:

(1) Adhere to the Party's line, principles, policies, and political quality;

(b) has a greater influence in the business field of the group;

(3) The maximum age of holding office shall not exceed 70 years of age, and the Secretary-General shall be full-time;

(4) be in good health and able to work normally;

(5) have not received criminal punishment for deprivation of political rights;

(6) Having full capacity for civil conduct。

Article 22 If the president, vice president and secretary general of the Association exceed the maximum age of office, they can take office only after being approved by the Board of Directors and reported to the registration and administration of societies for approval。

Article 23 The president, vice president and Secretary General of the Association shall serve a term of 4 years。[The maximum consecutive term of office shall not exceed two terms]. If the term of office of the president, vice president or Secretary general needs to be extended due to special circumstances, the term of office shall be approved by more than two-thirds of the members of the general Assembly and submitted to the registration and administration authority of the societies for approval。

Article 24 The President of the Association is the legal representative of the association [If the vice president or the Secretary-General is required to act as the legal representative due to special circumstances, he can only act after being approved by the Board of Directors and reported to the registration authority of the association for approval]。

The legal representative of the group shall not concurrently serve as the legal representative of any other group。

Article 25 The President of the Group shall exercise the following powers:

(1) to convene and preside over the Council of Directors;Or at the proposal of more than 1/3 of the directors (standing directors), a council meeting may also be convened;

(2) To check the implementation of the resolutions of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors;

(3) To nominate candidates for Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-General and submit them to the Council for election or appointment;

(4) Sign relevant important documents on behalf of the Association。

Article 26 The Secretary-General of the Organization shall exercise the following powers:

(1) to preside over the daily work of the office and organize the implementation of annual work plans;

(2) coordinating the work of branches, representative offices and entities;

(3) To nominate the deputy Secretary-General and the principal heads of the administrative offices, branches, representative offices and entities, and submit them to the Council or the Standing Council for decision;

(4) To decide on the employment of full-time staff of branches, administrative offices, representative offices and entities;

(5) to formulate various internal rules and regulations of the Association;

(6) to handle other daily affairs。


Chapter V Asset management and principles of use

Article 27 Funding sources of the group:

(1) membership fee;

(2) donation;

(3) enterprise funding;

(4) Government funding;

(e) income from activities or services carried out within the approved business scope (including income from government purchase of association services);

(6) other lawful income。

Article 28 The group collects membership dues in accordance with relevant state regulations。

Article 29 The funds of the group must be used for the business scope and the development of the cause stipulated in the Articles of Association, and shall not be distributed among the members。

Article 30 The Group establishes a strict financial management system to ensure that the accounting information is legal, true, accurate and complete。

Article 31 The group is equipped with accounting personnel with professional qualifications。An accountant shall not concurrently serve as a teller。Accountants must conduct accounting and exercise accounting supervision。When an accountant transfers his work or leaves his post, he must clear the handover formalities with the receiver。

Article 32 The management of the assets of the Group must implement the prescribed financial management system and accept the supervision of the general assembly of members and relevant administrative departments。If the source of assets belongs to state appropriations or social donations or subsidies, they must be subject to the supervision of audit institutions and be audited by audit firms on a regular basis in accordance with the provisions of the registration and administration authorities。

Article 33 The group must accept the financial audit of the audit firm before changing the term of office or changing the legal representative。

Article 34 The assets of the Group shall not be appropriated, privately divided or misappropriated by any unit or individual。

Article 35 The wages, insurance and welfare benefits of the full-time staff of the organization shall be implemented with reference to the relevant regulations of the State on public institutions。


Chapter VI Procedure for amendment of Articles of Association

Article 36The amendments to the articles of association shall be submitted to the General Assembly for deliberation after being approved by the Board of Directors。

Article 37The revised articles of association shall take effect after being submitted to the registration and administration authority for approval within 15 days after being adopted by the general Assembly。


Chapter VII Termination procedures and disposal of property after termination

Article 38 If the organization completes its purpose or dissolves itself or needs to be cancelled due to division, merger or other reasons, the general assembly or the board of directors shall make a recommendation for termination。

Article 39 The termination motion of the group shall be voted through by the general Assembly of the members and submitted to the competent business unit for examination and approval。

Article 40 Prior to the termination of the group, a liquidation organization shall be established under the guidance of the relevant authorities to settle claims and debts and deal with the aftermath。During the liquidation period, no activities other than liquidation shall be carried out。

Article 41 The organization shall terminate upon the cancellation of registration by the organization registration administration authority。

Article 42 The remaining property after the termination of the association shall be used for the development of undertakings related to the purposes of the Association under the supervision of the registration and administration authority of the association and in accordance with the relevant regulations of the State。


Chapter VIII Supplementary Provisions

Article 43 After deliberation and adoption at the fourth session of the fifth Council Meeting on August 27, 2020, the Articles of Association will be submitted to the first session of the sixth General Meeting on August 28, 2020 for approval。

Article 44 The interpretation of this Constitution belongs to the Board of Directors of the Organization。

Article 45 The articles of association shall take effect as of the date of approval by the registration and administration authority of the association。

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