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Admission notes

(Tips: Please read carefully before joiningHunan machinery industryAssociation membership information, and timely contact with the association, to communicate with the membership matters。)

Members of the association are divided into unit members and individual members。Unit members are the person in charge of the unit or the person appointed by the unit as the representative of the unit member。If there is any change, it shall be replaced by the new head of the unit or his designated personnel, and promptly inform the secretariat of the association。

1. Membership requirements

(1) Recognize and abide by the Articles of Association

(2) Voluntarily join the Association and undertake membership obligations;

(3) Enterprises and public institutions, institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutions, social organizations and individuals with certain influence in the field of industry and good reputation。

2. Membership procedures

(1) Submit the application form (download from the official website of the Association)Business license,Certificate of honorAnd other relevant supporting materials

(Approved by the Council

()Pay membership dues;

()颁发Membership certificate。

3. Rights of Members

(1) The right to vote, to stand for election and to vote in the general Assembly;

(2) To be recommended by the association and the competent departments at all levels of the government for dialogue and exchange, reflecting the voice of the enterprise;

(3) Giving priority to government funding and enterprise procurement information;

(4) Enjoy the right to reflect opinions to the association;

(Enjoy the right of criticism, suggestion and supervision of the work of the association;

(Enjoy free publicity services in association publications, websites and wechat public accounts;

(Enjoy the association's right to assist in the declaration of government related projects;

(Enjoy new products and new results evaluation, project acceptance preferential benefits;

(Enjoy the right to participate in all kinds of training, forums, salons, exhibitions and gatherings of business leaders organized by the association;

(Enjoy the right to recommend and apply for senior technicians to be promoted to senior engineers。

4. Member Obligations

(1) Abide by the articles of Association and implement the resolutions of the Association;

(2) Safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the association;

(3) complete the work assigned by the Association;

(4) To reflect the situation to the association and provide relevant information;

(5) Actively participate in association activities;

(6) Pay the annual membership fee of RMB 1,000 yuan on time。

五、Right of director

While enjoying the same rights and treatment as members, the governing unit shall also enjoy the following rights:

(1) To participate in meetings of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors;

(2) To check the implementation of the resolutions of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors;

(3) When the enterprise encounters a business crisis, it can obtain the support of all resources of the association, and the association can assist in crisis public relations;

(4) Enjoy the priority of the association's right to assist in the declaration of government-related projects。

六、Duty of director

While performing its membership obligations, the governing unit shall also perform the following obligations:

(1) Implementing resolutions of the Council;

(2) Pay the annual membership fee of RMB 3,000 yuan on time。

Vice president's rights

Assistant Guild MasterUnits in enjoy membership理事In addition to the same rights and treatment, they also enjoy the following rights:

(一)Assist President to carry out daily work

(二)Represent the industry in communication and exchange with government leaders, relevant agencies and domestic and international counterparts

(三)Participate in the president's office meeting and offer suggestions for the development of the industry。

Duty of vice president

Assistant Guild MasterWhile fulfilling its membership obligations, the unit shall also perform the following obligations:

(1) The Executive BoardThe president's office决议;

(2) Pay membership dues in RMB on time every year10000元。

Membership fee payment method

Members pay annual dues。

Account Name:Hunan machinery industry菠菜台子集合

Account bank:China Construction Bank, Changsha 蔡锷南路 branch

Open an account:4305 0176 4036 0000 0032

Association contact information

Address: Yingpan East Road, Furong District, Changsha CityNo. 193 Hunan Hotel, Building 2, Floor 5, 8503



Contact number:0731-84406545 (Secretariat) 0731-84406566 (Ministry of Science and Technology)

十一、Matters needing attention

If a member does not pay the membership fee for two years, it will be regarded as automatic withdrawal and its membership will be cancelledEnjoy membership rights

Application Form for Membership Download

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