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"Root Cloud Cup" Grand Prix decided the top eight industrial apps in the country
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"Root cloud Cup" Grand Prix determined the top eight industrial apps |

"Root Cloud Cup" Grand Prix decided the top eight industrial apps in the country,

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On October 18, the "Root Cloud Cup" national first industrial APP Million Grand Prix rematch was held in Changsha Sany Heavy Industry Industrial Park, Hunan Province。After the preliminary selection, 16 excellent teams were selected from hundreds of teams across the country to participate in the rematch, and after fierce competition on the spot, 8 top developer teams finally stood out and successfully qualified for the final。

The "Top Eight" developer is real

To ensure the safety of developers' work,The game was held in a closed-door meeting,Except for the jury of this competition,现场还邀请了长沙市经信委党委书记、主任黄滔、中国信通院湖南办事处负责人杨希,And YBL cloud Tribe, Linear Capital, Zhen Cloud Venture Capital, Mingshi Capital three investment institutions and representatives participated。

Director Huang Tao spoke highly of the competition, and he said that he believed that the Root Cloud Cup Industrial APP Competition would be able to output practical and usable application solutions for Changsha and the development of China's industrial Internet。

Competition judge guest

The 16 finalist developer teams submitted model algorithms and industry solutions covering multiple application areas of the industrial Internet,Directly hit the industrial enterprises generally concerned about the just needs and pain points,Including health analysis and predictive maintenance based on equipment big data, VR and AR maintenance, 3D intelligent interaction, intelligent after-sales service, visual recognition, industrial Internet education and comprehensive efficiency analysis of equipment in the plant。In the participating teams, there are not only young teams composed of the post-90s, but also cross-border players from the consumer Internet to the industrial Internet, and the development team of the "strongest industrial brain" based on artificial intelligence algorithms that can accurately perceive working conditions。

In the final competition, the expert jury made a comprehensive and fair evaluation and scoring of the entries from the dimensions of innovation, use value, commercial prospect and product completion, and carefully listened to the contestants' on-site defense。Adopted by unanimous discussion,最终,In the witness of Director Huang Tao,Liu Zhen, co-founder and CTO of Root Internet, announced the eight participating teams that successfully qualified for the final,They are: Shenzhen Cewei Software Technology Co., LTD., Shenzhen Deep Vision Innovation Technology Co., LTD., Changsha Youli Electric Drive System Co., LTD., Micro Internet of Things Technology (Shenzhen) Co., LTD., Guangdong Huasanhang Construction Engineering iot Technology Co., LTD., Hunan Tiegongji Internet of Things Technology Development Co., LTD., North China Electric Power University Development Team, Qinhuangdao Zhilong Network Technology Co., LTD。In addition to these eight qualified teams, two special honorary teams will be selected to receive special awards provided by the co-organizers of the competition。

"Root Cloud Cup" industrial APP million Grand Prix national 8

Big coffee support industrial APP development

The on-site jury of the rematch was composed of Xia Gang, Chief engineer of China Information Security Research Institute, Fei Lianghong, Chief cloud computing technology consultant of AWS, Pan Ruigang, deputy general manager and CIO of Sany Group, and Liu Zhen, co-founder and CTO of Root Internet。Starting from their own deep technical fields, these four industry giants put forward suggestions for each contestant to help better understand the application direction and market value of industrial apps, and support the rapid growth of developer teams。

Liu Zhen, co-founder and CTO of Root Internet, delivered a speech as the representative of the organizer, he believed that industrial APP is an important means to improve the supply capacity of industrial software, make up for the shortcomings of software capacity of manufacturing enterprises, reduce the cost and risk of intelligent manufacturing, and can quickly improve the support capacity of software for manufacturing。Liu Zhen said that it is very happy to see that the younger generation has also joined the field of industrial Internet development, injecting fresh vitality and creativity into the development of industrial apps in China。Fei Lianghong, chief cloud computing technology consultant at AWS, also said that the completion and technical level of the entries greatly exceeded his expectations。

Liu Zhen, co-founder and CTO of Root Connect, delivered a speech on behalf of the organizers

The game also attracted Dr. Huang Songyan of Linear Capital, Liu Mu of Mingshi Capital and Zhu Xiaocheng, partner of Zhenyun Venture Capital, to attend the scene, and these three first-line investment institutions are committed to artificial intelligence, big data, advanced manufacturing and other fields。Dr. Huang Songyan of Linear Capital said in an interview,Industrial apps are an area of great concern,Linear Capital is expanding its connections with start-up teams in the industry,"To be able to play in a big game,See how different developers are innovating and practicing for specific segments,It is also learning for linear capital ";Zhenyun Investment partner Zhu Xiaocheng encouraged developers to "according to the characteristics of various industries.,Combine industrial resources,Landing in various industries,Truly solve the pain points of the industry ";Ming potential capital Liu Mu said,The game was fruitful,Based on existing investments and focused directions,We have targeted our investment,Follow-up exchanges will be held。

The "Root Cloud Cup" national first Industrial APP Million Grand Prix is jointly sponsored by Changsha Municipal People's Government, Root Internet Technology Co., LTD., China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and Changsha Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute,Amazon Web Services is co-organized with the YBL Cloud Tribe,Three investment institutions, Linear Capital, Zhenyun Venture Capital and Mingshi Capital, participated in the cooperation。Since the competition was officially launched in April, hundreds of R&D personnel from well-known industrial enterprises, Internet entrepreneurs and students from first-class universities from all over the country have signed up to participate。In the coming month, the top 8 teams entering the final will complete and improve the entries based on the root cloud developer platform, and prepare for the final battle for the million prize。

"Root cloud Cup" Grand Prix determined the top eight industrial apps |

"Root Cloud Cup" Grand Prix decided the top eight industrial apps in the country,

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