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Railway Construction Heavy Industry won the national quality benchmark for the first time!
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Railway Construction Heavy Industry won the national quality benchmark for the first time!|

Railway Construction Heavy Industry won the national quality benchmark for the first time!,

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On October 30, 2018 National Quality Benchmarking Shandong travel exchange activity and quality benchmarking enterprise award ceremony was held in Jining, Shandong Province。Crhi won the title of national quality benchmark for its "experience in implementing the quality management model of roadheader's whole life cycle process control",And as one of the representatives of the eight award-winning units, he introduced his experience at the meeting,To become the national industrial enterprises to apply advanced quality management methods and quality engineering technology,Carry out quality management innovation activities,A model for improving quality and business performance。

It is understood that the national quality benchmarking selection activity is a highly influential selection in the domestic industry led by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, aiming to give full play to the exemplary leading and radiation driving role of quality benchmarking enterprises, accelerate the construction of industrial quality and promote the improvement of industrial quality。The quality benchmarking standards are very strict,Quality benchmarking enterprises must maintain profits in the past three years,And in integrity, quality, safety, environmental protection and other aspects of no illegal acts and bad records,The quality management expert group evaluated many industrial enterprises across the country,In the end, a total of 38 companies, including the Railway Construction Heavy Industry, won the honor。

The award of the national quality benchmark indicates that the quality management model of the Railway Construction Heavy Industry has ranked the advanced position in the country and is at the leading level of the industry。All the time,Railway Construction Heavy Industries regard quality as the lifeline of enterprises,Form a "one mind" in thought and understanding,Form a "chess game" in practical actions,Comply with the quality policy of "quality first, gateway forward, full participation, the pursuit of excellence",By strengthening quality awareness,Improve the responsibility system,Improve the responsibility mechanism,Continuously improve product quality and service quality;Adopt advanced quality management methods,Breakthrough quality technology,Innovative quality model,Tackle quality problems,Significantly improve the quality competitiveness of enterprises。

The quality management mode of the whole life process control of the boring machine is guided by the market demand of the Railway Construction Heavy Industry,With the support of standard technology, modern design methods, information technology and advanced manufacturing technology,From the "demand, planning, design, production, marketing, operation, use, maintenance, until recycling and disposal of scrap" and other product life cycle,Through continuous innovation and sublimation, grinding summary, improvement and promotion,Successfully build a quality management model with the characteristics of the railway Construction Heavy Industry。The quality management mode realizes end-to-end closed-loop quality management, and has achieved remarkable application results in the fields of product quality, management level, scientific and technological innovation, operating capability, and industrial pattern。

Under this quality management mode,Railway construction Heavy industry by identifying the focus,Good one-two punch,It has established quality control measures such as the quality responsibility system with the project manager responsibility system as the core, the quality risk control system of the whole life cycle, the design and development nine-step review method, the supplier quality opening and closing management system, and the quality control system with the quality inspection as the center,It has laid a solid foundation for the sustainable innovation development of enterprises。

In the future, the Railway Construction Heavy Industry will give full play to the leading role of quality benchmarking enterprises, continue to strengthen innovation drive, continue to carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship, adhere to the first principle of quality, continue to provide high-quality products and services, play the theme of high-quality development of enterprises, and promote the industry to the high-end。

Railway Construction Heavy Industry won the national quality benchmark for the first time!|

Railway Construction Heavy Industry won the national quality benchmark for the first time!,

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