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President Wang Ruixiang's speech at the information conference of the 17th China Top 100 Machinery Industry and the top 20 and 30 parts enterprises of the automobile industry
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Speech by President Wang Ruixiang at the information conference of the 17th China Top 100 Machinery Industry and Top 20 and Top 30 Parts and Components enterprises in the automobile industry | Hunan Machinery Industry Association

President Wang Ruixiang's speech at the information conference of the 17th China Machinery Industry Top 100 and the top 20 and 30 parts enterprises of the automobile industry, Hunan Machinery Industry Association

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  Today, the 17th China Machinery industry Top 100 and auto industry vehicle 20, 30 parts and components enterprise information conference was held in Deyang City。Here, on behalf of the China Machinery Industry Federation, I would like to extend warm congratulations to the enterprises that have entered the top 100 machinery, the top 20 automobile and the top 30 parts!I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the Municipal Government of Deyang City for its strong support for this meeting!

  The past year has been an extraordinary one。The world is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century. A new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is accelerating. Profound adjustments in the international political and economic landscape, coupled with the ravages of the novel coronavirus pandemic and the risks and challenges of global climate change, have made the grim and complex world situation full of uncertainties。我国在以习近平同志为核心的党中央坚强领导下,众志成城、攻坚克难,疫情防控取得阶段性重大成果,成为全球唯一实现经济正增长的主要经济体,并以实现全面建成小康社会的宏伟目标向建党百年献上了厚礼。In the first half of the year, China's economy continued to recover steadily, and economic development showed a steady strengthening and stable trend。According to the preliminary calculation, China's GDP in the first half of this year was 53,216.7 billion yuan, an increase of 12 percent year-on-year at comparable prices.7%, a two-year average increase of 5%.3%。

  In the face of the complex and changeable external situation, China's machinery industry, in accordance with the overall deployment of the Party Central Committee, adheres to the overall coordination of epidemic prevention and control and economic development, and has achieved good results that the main economic indicators have risen more than expected throughout the year。Last year, the added value of the machinery industry increased by 6% year-on-year, higher than the national industrial and manufacturing industry in the same period.2和2.6 percentage points;Revenue 22.85 trillion yuan, an increase of 4.49%;Total profit realized 1.46 trillion yuan, an increase of 10 percent year-on-year.4%。其中,The operating income of the automobile, electrical and electrical appliances, petrochemical general, mechanical basic parts and heavy mining industries exceeded one trillion yuan;Construction machinery, robotics and intelligent manufacturing industry operating income growth rate of more than 20%,Total profit growth exceeded 35%;The total profit growth rate of agricultural machinery and machine tool industry also exceeded 20%。The machinery industry has continued to make contributions to stable growth and ensure the overall situation, among which the top 100 machinery and the top 20 automobile and spare parts enterprises present here have played a backbone and backbone role。

  This year is the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan, and the external situation is still grim。The machinery industry continues to move forward under pressure and strives to maintain the stable development of economic operation。Data show that from January to May, the operating income of enterprises in the machinery industry is 10.14 trillion yuan, an increase of 36 percent year-on-year.97%;Total profit 6,594.0.4 billion yuan, an increase of 62 percent year-on-year.04%;Profit margin on operating income 6.5%, an increase of 0% over the first quarter.Forty-eight percent。From January to June, the added value of machinery industry increased by 22.3%, 6 % higher than the national industry.Four percentage points。Among the 121 main products monitored, the number increased to 114, accounting for 94.21%。From January to June, the import and export of China's mechanical products were 1800.$6.4 billion and 3,116.$6.3 billion, an increase of 29 percent year-on-year.18%和40.33%。On the whole, it is not easy for the machinery industry to maintain a stable development trend in the previous year。This is inseparable from the support of national macro policies and the efforts of the whole industry to unite and struggle。

  Today, at the critical moment of planning the start of the new journey, we are holding an information conference, which is very meaningful。In a new round of development,We will pay more attention to the development of the real economy and China's high-end equipment manufacturing,Pay more attention to the integration and innovation of industrial base and industrial chain driven by leading enterprises,Pay more attention to the capacity building of machinery industry clusters and equipment manufacturing bases,And to promote the transformation and upgrading of machinery industry, improve quality and efficiency,We will accelerate the transformation from big to strong。I wish to take this opportunity to share with you my views。


  We must earnestly study and implement the spirit of the General Secretary's important speech, deeply understand its essence, understand the general secretary's far-reaching strategic thinking, strong historical responsibility and sincere feelings for the people, and consciously enhance the historical responsibility of revitalizing the machinery industry。We must adhere to the spirit of the General Secretary's important speech as a guide, improve our political position, establish an international perspective, firmly establish a new development concept, maintain political stability, ensure that the political, ideological and action to maintain a high degree of consistency with the Party Central Committee, and ensure that the Party and the country's strategic deployment is implemented。It is necessary to consciously strengthen the systematic and overall concept, enhance the awareness of safety, danger and risk awareness, correctly evaluate the situation, and scientifically plan for the first start of the work。It is necessary to effectively strengthen the leadership of the Party, fully rely on the workers and the masses, deeply do a good job of Party history learning and education and "four histories" propaganda and education, transform the spiritual strength inspired by learning into the motivation for doing business, and make up your mind to do your own thing well, with practical actions of self-reliance, and practice the mission of industrial power。

  Second, we must earnestly implement the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" industry plan and play a leading role in the beginning。This year is the first year for the 14th Five-Year Plan and the new journey to fully build a modern socialist country. Getting things off to a good start bears on the long-term and overall situation。

  The "14th Five-Year Plan" outline for the development of the industry put forward five aspects of the development strategy, and clarified the key tasks to be done well。This year's General Assembly also put forward the need to do a good job in seven areas of key work。All sectors of the industry, enterprises and relevant units should integrate their own development into the national and industrial development planning, find the focus of positioning and development, and formulate their own development plans and objectives。Implement the "14th Five-Year Plan" industry development plan,We should base ourselves on the new stage of development,We will continue to take comprehensively improving our capacity for independent innovation as the core,We will focus on promoting the upgrading of the industrial base in a coordinated manner and fighting for the modernization of the industrial chain,To strive to build a new development pattern and accelerate the realization of industrial optimization and upgrading as the goal,Carefully plan and put forward practical safeguard measures。

  We must earnestly implement the new development concept, adopt a systematic and bottom-line thinking and a comprehensive and sustainable development concept, accelerate the transformation of the development model, and shift from simply pursuing speed and increment to paying more attention to improving efficiency and efficiency, enriching the content and the quality of development, and maintain sustained, steady and sound economic development。It is necessary to make full use of China's favorable policy environment and constantly upgrading market advantages, adhere to integrated development, vigorously develop strategic emerging industries, adhere to the development direction of digital transformation and intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, and service-oriented manufacturing, and accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading。We should strive to achieve a higher level of opening up of the machinery industry,Continuously improve international competitiveness,We will continue to improve the foreign trade structure,Consolidate and expand diversified international markets,We will strengthen foreign exchanges and production capacity cooperation,We will protect intellectual property rights,Adapt to and integrate into the new pattern of world trade as soon as possible,Speed up the construction of machinery industry double cycle mutual promotion of a new pattern of development。

  Make a good start, key industries, enterprises should give full play to their advantages, and strive to go ahead。Professional planning and thematic planning of the "14th Five-Year Plan" of various subdivisions of machinery industry,In particular, basic components, basic technology, quality, standards, talent, culture, management and other fields,It's all about the central task,Each performs his own duties,We will effectively implement the planning objectives in all specialties and fields,Together to accelerate the realization of high-quality development of machinery industry to make efforts。Top 100, top 20, and top 30 enterprises should take the lead in the implementation of the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" in the industry, and the machinery industry should play a leading role in the implementation of the national "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" and open a new journey。

  Third, we must concentrate on fighting the "two modernization" battle and firmly grasp the initiative of development in our own hands。It is a practical action to implement the strategic deployment of the Party Central Committee, an inherent requirement to cope with various risks and challenges, and to strive for the initiative of development, and an inevitable choice to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industry and achieve high-quality development。

  This work has become the top priority for the development of the industry this year and the "14th Five-Year Plan"。This year, the China Machinery Federation will cooperate with relevant professional associations and some local industry organizations to jointly carry out investigations and research, and study and formulate industry "guidelines" for prominent problems such as national key needs, "bottleneck" technology and alternative imports.。Organize and hold the "two modernization" conference, issue "guiding opinions", publicize and promote the typical, put forward work requirements, and comprehensively promote the "two modernization" problem deepening。In this battle, the professional associations and enterprises should attach great importance to the ideology, the style of action, and the work is solid and in-depth。It is necessary to carefully analyze and identify the prominent problems and weaknesses of the weak industrial base capacity, firmly grasp the industrial chain risks that are subject to the "stuck neck", formulate in detail the goals, measures and division of responsibility for achieving the advanced industrial base and modernization of the industrial chain, and implement them one by one to achieve results。Leading enterprises in the industry have obvious advantages in the overall industrial chain, and they should play a leading and supporting role and take the initiative to shoulder heavy responsibilities。The "specialized and special" small giant enterprise is the spearhead of various professional and subdivision fields, bearing the key functions of cracking blocked points and strengthening chains in core fields and parts, and should be responsible for keeping the ground and actively undertaking tasks。Combined with the characteristics of rich resources and high gold content of big data in basic tests and industrial sites, National Machinery Group has established efficient data utilization channels to help science and technology service innovation。Geely Group has set up a flight plan for management cadres, a goose plan for reserving talents, and a leading plan for improving the ability of skilled talents to help enterprises to innovate and empower。All parties should strengthen joint integration, form a synergy between industry, universities and research institutes, build a pattern of integrated development of large, small and medium-sized enterprises, and make substantive progress and breakthroughs in strengthening the capacity of the industrial base, achieving a stable and solid chain and a superior chain, upgrading the industrial base and modernizing the industrial chain。

  Fourth, it is necessary to focus on the target requirements of reaching the peak of carbon and carbon neutrality, and fulfill the responsibilities of the machinery industry。At present, coping with global climate change and protecting the earth's ecology and environment have attracted the attention of all countries in the world。As an important participant and contributor, China has made solemn commitments to achieve carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060。

  To achieve the "double carbon" standard, the machinery industry not only assumes historical responsibilities, but also faces severe challenges, which is urgent。In accordance with the overall national plan, we must continue to take green transformation as the guide, green and low-carbon development as the main line, and independent innovation as the driving force, and accelerate the formation of an industrial structure, product structure and production mode that meet the requirements of resource conservation and environmental protection。It is necessary to increase the promotion of green manufacturing, starting from themselves, starting from now, strengthen the concept of green development, promote green production from the whole process of procurement, design, manufacturing and so on, vigorously develop green energy-saving products, and accelerate the breakthrough and application of environmental protection, energy saving, safety and information technology。Power generation equipment, automobiles, internal combustion engines and other key industries, heat treatment, casting and forging welding and other important basic processes, to take the lead in proposing the "double carbon" standard schedule and technical path, regular self-test and benchmarking。We will speed up the development of emerging industries and tackle key problems in basic work。We will accelerate the development of clean energy such as wind power, nuclear power and solar energy.We will accelerate the development of new energy vehicles,Driving breakthroughs in energy efficient, electric and hybrid vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles;Accelerate the improvement of basic technology level, standardization work research, quality assurance system research,Help green transformation,We will accelerate transformation and upgrading。

  In this regard, some of our companies present here have set an example。In 2020, Weichai Group released the world's first commercial mass-produced commercial diesel engine that broke through 50% thermal efficiency, successfully entering the field of technology leadership, of which Weichai Power's annual research and development expenses reached 82 percent.900 million yuan, among the best in the industry。今年6月,东方电气和哈尔滨电气研制供货的百万千瓦水轮发电机组,在装机规模全球第二大水电站--金沙江白鹤滩水电站投产发电,实现了我国高端装备制造的重大突破,习近平总书记亲发贺电。The whole industry should learn from them, take the "double carbon" standard as its responsibility, start from itself, start from now, and work together to protect the earth's environment and make unremitting efforts for human survival and sustainable development。

  Comrades, China's new journey of comprehensively building a modern socialist country has begun, and the "14th Five-Year Plan" blueprint for the machinery industry has been drawn, and it is time to forge ahead。让我们以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,以新精神新理念为动力,牢记初心使命,不断开拓创新,为建设机械强国,为实现中华民族第二个百年奋斗目标,做出我们应有的贡献!

  In conclusion, I wish this conference a complete success!I wish the machinery, automobile and parts enterprises vigorous development, a new journey to create brilliant!

Source: China Federation of Machinery

Speech by President Wang Ruixiang at the information conference of the 17th China Top 100 Machinery Industry and Top 20 and Top 30 Parts and Components enterprises in the automobile industry | Hunan Machinery Industry Association

President Wang Ruixiang's speech at the information conference of the 17th China Machinery Industry Top 100 and the top 20 and 30 parts enterprises of the automobile industry, Hunan Machinery Industry Association

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