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The first large-scale private refining and chemical project
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The first large-scale private refining and chemical project drive | Hunan Machinery Industry Association

The first large-scale private refining and chemical project, Hunan Machinery Industry Association

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On the morning of December 26, Hengli 20 million tons/year refining and chemical integration project was officially put into operation in Changxing Island, Dalian City。This is the first major refining and chemical project that the national refining industry has opened to private enterprises, and it has also become the first wholly-owned private large-scale refinery in the country。

  According to the presentation,The construction of Hengli Refining and chemical integration project includes 20 million tons/year of atmospheric and vacuum pressure, 11.5 million tons/year of heavy oil hydrogenation, 9.6 million tons/year of reforming, 4.5 million tons/year of aromatics, 1.3 million tons/year of mixed dehydrogenation and other process units,Supporting MTBE, isomerization, alkylation device,Designed to produce 9.92 million tons/year of gasoline, diesel and aviation kerosene,4.5 million tons/year aromatics,At the same time, the by-product of 1.62 million tons/year of chemical light oil, 970,000 tons/year of benzene, 640,000 tons/year of liquefied gas and other products。

  At the launch ceremony,Changxing Island Economic zone Party working committee secretary Yang Guangzhi pointed out,The Hengli Refining and Chemical project began to break ground in April 2017,After 19 months, it was officially put into operation,It is called the largest one-time construction project in China, the longest processing process, the highest correlation of upstream and downstream devices, the most complete supporting facilities, and the most complex technology,It has created the most in many industries in the world,It also refreshed the record of the fastest construction of the same volume project in the same industry。

  Hengli Group chairman, president Chen Jianhua said,The project has a unique competitive advantage in terms of its own auxiliary supporting facilities and capacity integration,Major supporting projects include self-contained coal-fired power plants;Self-built coal to hydrogen, coal to methanol, coal to acetic acid, coal to syngas;It also includes its own crude oil terminals (two 300,000-ton scale) and refined oil terminals。The cost operation advantage of collocation is outstanding。In addition, the 4.5 million tons/year of aromatics produced by the refining and chemical project are directly transported by pipeline to the Hengli Petrochemical PTA plant adjacent to Changxing Island, basically realizing the self-sufficiency of upstream and downstream capacity matching, which can save a lot of freight, tariffs, losses and other costs compared with the original imports from abroad。

  Chen Jianhua said that the new pattern of Hengli's whole industrial chain development is accelerating, and after the industrial park is fully put into operation, it will achieve an annual output value of 300 billion yuan and profits and taxes of 65 billion yuan。

  Tan Chengxu, mayor of Dalian, said that the Hengli refining and chemical integration project is an important project of the National Development and Reform Commission to support the revitalization of the old industrial base in Northeast China。The operation of the project marks an important achievement in the construction of the national petrochemical industry base, which is conducive to changing the status quo of large oil head in Dalian, and is conducive to building the upstream and downstream petrochemical industry chain in Liaoning province and accelerating the integrated development。In the future, Dalian will unswervingly support the development of the private economy and support Hengli Petrochemical to build 1.5 million tons/year ethylene and an additional 5 million tons/year PTA project on Changxing Island。

  Tan Zuojun, Secretary of Dalian Municipal Party Committee, Tan Chengxu, Deputy secretary of Dalian Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, and representatives of construction units such as Sinopec and petrochina attended the driving ceremony。

  Source: China Chemical Industry News Author: Yang Xiaoyu Liu Yawen

The first large-scale private refining and chemical project drive | Hunan Machinery Industry Association

The first large-scale private refining and chemical project, Hunan Machinery Industry Association

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