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Lin Xiuyi on Qingling ISUZU: In China, Qingling is Isuzu
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Lin Xiuyi on Qingling ·ISUZU: In China, Qingling is Isuzu | Hunan Province Machinery Industry Association

Lin Xiuyi on Qingling ·ISUZU: In China, Qingling is Isuzu, Hunan Machinery Industry Association

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"In the hearts of the majority of Chinese users, Qingling is ISUZU, Isuzu is Qingling, and Qingling Isuzu has risen to a complete enterprise and brand complex.。It is the vice chairman and general manager of Qingling Automobile Co., Ltd. Lin Xiuyi's cognition of Qingling ISUZU。For Isuzu, Qingling Motor has been irreplaceable in China, and with the declaration of "constant · lead", Qingling Motor has shown remarkable internationalization pace at this year's Shanghai Auto Show。

  The author believes that Qingling Motor has the strength and heritage to challenge authority in the territory of cross-sea warfare。On the one hand, it comes from 34 years of close and friendly cooperation with Isuzu, and on the other hand, it comes from the continuous efforts and exploration of Qingling Motor itself。It can be said that Qingling Automobile is walking in the new era of endeavor, striving to be a dream chaser;In the process of internationalization, Qingling Automobile is breaking the waves and sailing。

  Brothers concentric, deduce the legend of cooperation

  The best cooperation is mutual achievement。During the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show,Qingling Automobile Co., LTD. Vice chairman, general manager Lin Xiuyi said in an interview with reporters,1985年,Across the sea to the "mountain city" Chongqing, Japan Isuzu automobile,Established the first Sino-Japanese joint venture in China in cooperation with Chongqing Automobile Factory,Qingling Automobile Co., LTD。Over the past 34 years, Qingling Automobile and Isuzu Automobile have continuously deepened their cooperation, interpreting to the industry a legend of cooperation in which brothers are united and their strength is broken。

  Since the first day of the handshake in 1985, the two sides have been determined to follow the principle of "one whole, one partner, one dream, always cooperation", and carry out in-depth and lasting cooperation in the fields of capital, products, technology, and management。

  Trust has an invisible force that can make withered trees grow green leaves and red flowers。Today, the cooperation between the two sides is intimate and compact, and has gradually penetrated into multi-level, multi-dimensional and multi-field, including sales and after-sales service。Especially with the introduction of giant coffee heavy truck, Qingling has become the most important and closest partner of Isuzu's full range of commercial vehicles in China。Lin Xiuyi said that the cooperation has achieved great success, on the one hand, Qingling Automobile has greatly improved its product technology innovation ability;On the other hand, it is reflected in the gradual acceleration of the pace of integration into the Isuzu global system。

  Years of hard work, laying the foundation for the sea

  Luo Yuguang, general manager of Qingling Automobile (Group) Co., LTD., chairman of Qingling Automobile Co., LTD., said that the years have been strong and the years have been extraordinary。The reputation of Qingling Automobile in China and even in the world is from the basic blank to the key parts, from the core powertrain to the whole industry chain of vehicle manufacturing, and the development and manufacturing of a full series of high-quality commercial vehicles。It is also derived from the personal experience of millions of Chinese users on Qingling cars。

  A trip to China is a road to the world。In the country to advocate high-quality development today, China's automobile industry toward the "lightweight, electric, intelligent, network" development pattern, through technological innovation, industrial expansion, product planning, market-oriented mechanism and other reforms to accelerate, Qingling automobile in front of the market in the wind and cloud more stratego。During the auto show, Qingling said that in the face of the ebb and flow of market demand and changes, adhere to the production of a batch, a batch of reserves, the development of a batch of principles of Qingling automobile, in the development and introduction of new products have long been ready, dare to be the first, and continue to provide users with the most valuable commercial vehicle products。

  Lin Xiuyi said,It was founded in 1937,Diesel engine as the core business segment of Japan Isuzu company,Although it has a long history of accumulation and manufacturing history,However, it will still rely on the existing innovative technology research and development advantages,On the one hand, it takes a global view,We will vigorously promote the technological upgrading of new energy,Continuously build the development pattern of new energy for future commercial vehicles;On the one hand, it will continue to support the deepening of Qingling Automotive products in the Chinese market in various fields such as technology, capital, personnel, management and service。

  Where the heart wants, don't forget the original intention。"In the next step, we will join forces, not only do a good job of product planning and technical reserves, but also strengthen cooperation in the forward-looking research and application of product technology, and focus on creating more high-end, more valuable and more in line with user expectations for the Chinese market and the global market.。"Lin Xiuyi said。

  Join hands to innovate and seize international opportunities

  Despite its popularity, Qingling Motors is not in a hurry。For the current 2019 and a long period of time in the future, emission upgrading, new energy vehicles including pure electric and hydrogen fuel cells, and internationalization are the top priorities for Qingling Motor。Overall, on the one hand, Qingling Automobile needs to strengthen innovation drive and achieve product breakthroughs;On the other hand, it is necessary to strengthen the quality awareness and achieve quality breakthrough at the same time, further consolidate the quality of Qingling automobile。

  Shanghai Auto Show,Qingling Auto showcases GIGA 2020 version, FVR medium heavy truck, NLR\NMR medium light truck, and pure electric series trucks,The TΛG λDaka Sports version and 700P RV can be seen as Isuzu's response to the international development trend,The advanced, in line with the national VI b with a global vision of technology applied to Qingling automotive products on a centralized display。"China is the world's largest automobile consumer market, in other words, China's is also the world's。Isuzu will always introduce the most advanced technology into China, and continue to lead the highest level of China's commercial vehicle market, in order to support the present and future of China's logistics market。"Lin Xiuyi said。

  It is reported that in addition to traditional cars and new energy vehicles, the current Isuzu is also actively expanding the application and development of truck autonomous driving technology。"Isuzu driverless trucks, developed based on road condition recognition and vehicle networking technology, seek to facilitate highway transportation, reduce accidents, and alleviate the lack of truck drivers。Lin Xiuyi said that in the world, the country that most needs driverless trucks is China, and in the future, Isuzu will still cooperate with Qingling Automobile to seek a larger market in self-driving trucks。

  Open the door, the sea is bound to sail

  With the acceleration of the process of global economic integration, the internationalization of enterprises is an inevitable choice。During the current Shanghai Auto Show, Qingling Motor and Bosch jointly released the hydrogen energy strategic plan, which can not only be seen as a strong attempt by Qingling Motor in the field of new energy vehicles, but also as a deep test of Qingling Motor to the road of internationalization with an open attitude。

  In general, the international development of Qingling Motor is inseparable from the strong alliance of international brands。According to reports, Qingling Motor will continue to deepen cooperation with Isuzu, on the one hand to accelerate the implementation of cooperation projects (such as 4JZ new generation engine), on the other hand, according to the future market demand, continue to introduce advanced new technologies, new products。At the same time, Qingling Motor will also open up wide doors and continue to explore more cooperation with international brands such as Bosch。

  On the road of international development, today's Qingling has already achieved fruitful results in vehicle exports and CKD kit exports。At the same time, through order transactions also promote overseas target market access certification, business flow, logistics and network system construction。At present, Qingling Motor is still actively exploring the establishment of self-operated vehicle export channels and mechanisms, and established the International Trade Department in early 2019, proposed the construction of "1+3+X" self-operated export channels planning, and gradually established a perfect international market expansion system。

  As the saying goes: good wind by force, send me to the green cloud。From the introduction of technology, to the synchronous research and development and mass production of Isuzu's global "vehicle and machine integration";From the assembly of the first light truck to the completion of the industrial layout of the value chain of a full range of commercial vehicles。With Isuzu and full-fledged Qingling Motor is increasingly showing the ambition and strength to fully participate in the Chinese market, and even the world market competition。With the display of many new products at the Shanghai Auto Show, today's Qingling Automobile will meet the new changes in the domestic and international markets with a new attitude。

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Lin Xiuyi on Qingling ·ISUZU: In China, Qingling is Isuzu | Hunan Province Machinery Industry Association

Lin Xiuyi on Qingling ·ISUZU: In China, Qingling is Isuzu, Hunan Machinery Industry Association

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