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Xu Dazhe wrote: Learn the glorious history of the party to draw strength to forge ahead
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Xu Dazhe: Learn the glorious history of the party to draw the striving force | Hunan Machinery Industry Association

Xu Dazhe wrote: Learn the glorious history of the party to draw the striving force, Hunan Machinery Industry Association

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Learn the glorious history of the party to draw strength for forging ahead

Xu Dazhe

"A mirror reflects the form, and the past reflects the present."。The history of the Chinese revolution is the best nutrition, and reviewing the century-long struggle history of our Party leading the people to carry out the revolution is of great significance for carrying forward the revolutionary spirit, inheriting the red gene, and striving more firmly and consciously for the cause of the Party。习近平总书记2020年9月在湖南考察时,To draw from the glorious history of the party to forge ahead of the spirit of strength;At the recent Party history learning and education mobilization conference,He also pointed out that the history of the Party is the most vivid and persuasive textbook,Call on the whole party to study history to understand the reason, study history to increase credibility, study Shi Chongde, and study history to act,To learn party history, understand ideas, do practical things, open a new bureau。

Hunan is a red hot land with a glorious revolutionary history。Since the new democratic revolution, the older generation of revolutionaries and communists in Hunan have shed their heads, shed their blood, and forged ahead, risking their lives to write magnificent poems that move the world and the earth。No matter how The Times develop and change, the red blood that is cast in this history will never fade and has become the eternal spiritual background color of Huxiang land。Back to my hometown Hunan work these years, using weekends and holidays and grassroots research opportunities, I looked at a lot of Hunan revolutionaries, military strategists former residence or life story showroom。Every time you enter a red place, you will be deeply shocked and deeply baptized。

湖南这片热土,遍布着毛泽东、刘少奇、任弼时等老一辈无产阶级革命家的革命足迹,从这里走向历史舞台的共产党人灿若群星、光彩夺目。In the eight local organizations before the founding of the party,There were 5 Xiang-born revolutionaries who participated in the founding;Of the 13 delegates attending the party Congress,4 were from Hunan;Among the "five secretaries" of the Party,Three are from Hunan;Ten founding Marshals,In Hunan, there were Peng Dehuai, He Long and Luo Ronghuan.10 founding fathers,In Hunan, there were 6 persons: Su Yu, Huang Kecheng, Chen Geng, Tan Zheng, Xiao Jinguang and Xu Guangda;57 founding generals,Hunan has 19;During the war to resist America and aid Korea,Five commanders of the Chinese People's Volunteer Army were all Hunan war generals;The Central Military Commission identified 36 contemporary Chinese military members,Fifteen are from Hunan。习近平总书记来湘调研时深情讲到,开国的这一批革命家在湖南这片土地上,就好像形成了一个星阵星群,十步之内必有芳草。

Hunan, a hot land, stands the red monument of the Chinese revolution, and is an important source of the Communist Party of China's establishment of the Party, the army and the government。In the various historical stages of the Chinese revolution, the land of Sanxiang was convulsed by wind and thunder, and the revolutionary tide was surging。Period of great Revolution,The movement of workers and peasants in Hunan was surging and surging,毛泽东考察湘潭、湘乡、衡山、醴陵、长沙五县农民运动后留下了著名的《菠菜台子集合》,Guangdong and Han railway workers' strike and Shuikoushan lead and zinc mine workers' strike set off the first upsurge of Hunan workers' movement。During the Agrarian Revolutionary War,The armed revolution of workers and peasants ignited in Hunan,The Autumn Harvest uprising carried the banner of the first revolutionary army of workers and peasants,The riot in southern Hunan fired the first shot of China's agrarian revolution,Chaling established the earliest government of workers, peasants and soldiers,GUI Dong witnessed the birth of the first military rule of our army,The transfer of troops through the channel was a great turning point of strategic significance in the Long March of the Red Army。During the Anti-Japanese War, the Hunan Party organization and the 359 Brigade of the New Fourth Army and the Eighth Route Army in the border areas went south to establish anti-Japanese bases in some of the Japanese-occupied areas and set up the anti-Japanese democratic regime such as Pingjiang and Yueyang。During the War of Liberation, under the leadership of the Party, while persisting in various struggles against the reactionary Kuomintang regime, the people of Hunan actively united and won over progressives from all walks of life and patriotic Kuomintang generals to promote the peaceful liberation of Hunan and accelerate the process of national liberation。

Hunan, a hot land, is steeped in the historical glory written with blood and life, leaving countless touching stories。Chen Shuxiang, the "broken heart general" martyr, vowed to shed the last drop of blood for the new Soviet, and would rather break the heart and keep "backbone" after being captured;Before his execution, Xia Minghan wrote a poem "It does not matter if the head is cut off, as long as the doctrine is true.。Kill Xia Minghan,There will be others ";The leader of the labor movement Guo Liang martyr fulfilled his early years of "the need to pour Dongting water.,Patriotic can be afraid of hanging head "oath;After the arrest of prominent female party member He Baozhen,In the face of repeated torture by the enemy,Only one word: "Make a confession,None;Drive sb. to his death,There is a line "...There are countless such heroic stories。During the long revolutionary struggle, the number of registered revolutionary martyrs in Hunan reached 150,000, and the number of revolutionary martyrs who did not leave their names after their sacrifice reached more than 1 million。It can be said that "thousands of drops of Red Army blood, every step of the heroic body" is a vivid interpretation of the great sacrifices made in the period of Hunan Revolution;"How much ambition to sacrifice, dare to teach the sun and moon to change the new sky" is the spiritual blood flowing in the history of Hunan revolution。

Through the storm of revolution, the whole province 21.The 180,000 square kilometers of land is left with extremely rich red historical and cultural resources, and the land of Sanxiang is like a revolutionary history museum without walls。The province has 158 patriotic education bases above the provincial level, including 29 national patriotic education demonstration bases;There are more than 1,700 immovable revolutionary cultural relics, 59 key cultural relics under national protection, and more than 80,000 sets of movable revolutionary cultural relics in the national collection。Every base, every cultural relic, every collection, is a history textbook, a belief melting point, a red gene bank, carrying the Communists' eternal political character and belief pursuit。

Looking for these red old places or relics scattered in the four rivers of Sanxiang, looking back at history and staring at the past, you can understand the original heart and mission of the Party, and draw wisdom and strength to move forward。徜徉新民学会旧址,那些凹凸不平的青石板和阅尽沧桑的白墙青瓦,回荡着毛泽东、蔡和森等革命先驱“明目张胆正式成立一个中国共产党”的铮铮誓言。置身苍翠古朴的岳麓书院,仰望至今悬挂的“实事求是”匾,不禁想到青年毛泽东多次寓居书院半学斋的场景,想到习近平总书记关于岳麓书院是党的实事求是思想路线策源地的重要命题。Entering the Red Army slogan Museum in Yanling, the mottle slogans such as "Confiscating rice, rice, oil and salt from the local rich to the poor workers and peasants" are displayed, confirming the Communist Party's unremitting pursuit of happiness for the people。Looking at the sculpture of "Half a quilt" in Shazhou Village, Rucheng County, it seems to hear "What is the Communist Party?共产党就是自己有一条被子也要剪下半条给老百姓的人”的铿锵之音,对习近平总书记“江山就是人民,人民就是江山”的论断产生强烈共鸣。

There is also the opportunity to hear or revisit the moving and thought-provoking stories of older revolutionaries。In Xiaghan martyr's former residence,The docents will tell you,Xia Minghan in prison with the enemy to write a "confession" half of the pencil,Leave three farewell letters to your loved ones,A letter to my wife,Let his wife and daughter "adhere to the revolution and follow my will.,Swear to tell the truth ";A letter to my sister,"I have no regrets in my life,Identified communism as the truth that created happiness for human liberation,I dare to go up the hill,Dare to enter the sea of fire,Willing to lay down one's head and shed one's blood ";A letter to Mother,"I believe you will see the red flag we raised flying in the blue sky of the motherland",Brimming with faith and faith in the triumph of the revolution。In Xiangtan, Changsha and other places to pay homage to the old generation of revolutionaries,I understand,Known as "our party's camel.,The Camel of the Chinese People "Ren Bishi,There are "three fears" in life: "One fear of less work.,Two fear of spending too much money,Three fear trouble people ";Comrade Xu Teli has always stood on the side of the working people,Comrade Lin Boqu "serve the people and work for the world";Comrade Xie Juezai "shared the worries of the central government above and relieved the worries of the masses below";Marshal Luo Ronghuan asked his family members to "always be honest, rely on their own ability to eat, do not engage in special";General Xu Guangda "let the rank, let the rank, give way";General Huang Kecheng has "three intolerances" : "You are not allowed to use public cars.,Do not ask staff to do things for you,Don't rely on my connections or back doors.",等等。The rock-solid, unbreakable faith reflected in them,The fine tradition of seeking truth from facts and working hard,Caring for the masses and serving the people as public servants,The lofty realm of magnanimity and indifference to fame and wealth,Integrity, integrity and family ethics,Always inspire us not to forget our true colors, make unremitting progress, and live up to the people。

All forward, can not forget the road;No matter how far we go, no matter how bright the future is, we must not forget the past and why we set out。This year marks the centennial anniversary of the Communist Party of China,Hunan, the holy land of revolution, is at this special and important juncture,More should carry out the party history study education,We should use the Party's history of struggle and great achievements to inspire fighting spirit and clear direction,We will use the Party's fine traditions and work style to strengthen our convictions and pool our strength,Use the Party's practical creation and historical experience to enlighten wisdom and temper character,Carry forward the noble style and fine tradition of the older generation of revolutionaries,Carry on what they started and fought for。

习近平总书记对湖南明确提出了“着力打造国家重要先进制造业、具有核心竞争力的科技创新、内陆地区改革开放的高地,We have broken new ground in promoting high-quality development,Demonstrate new achievements in building a new development pattern,It has demonstrated its new responsibility in promoting the rise of the central region and the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt,Strive to write a new chapter in the new era of upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics in Hunan "new mission and new requirements,Bear in mind the earnest exhortations of the general Secretary,The whole province is vigorously implementing the strategy of "three high and four new" and striving to build a modern new Hunan。We should take the party history study and education as an opportunity,Always hold the flag high and never waver,坚持不懈用习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想凝心聚魂、导航前行,Continuously enhance the "four consciousness", firmly "four self-confidence", and achieve "two maintenance",Push forward the grand cause of building new modern Hunan with more firm faith and confidence;Always adhere to the truth, pragmatic, pioneering and innovative,Firmly grasp the practical requirements of the new development stage, new development concept and new development pattern,In the creation of the "three highlands" brave responsibility,Good deeds in the implementation of the "four new" mission,We will strive to achieve higher quality, more efficient, fairer, more sustainable and safer development,Lay a solid material foundation for the construction of modern new Hunan;Always stand firm in the people's position,Adhere to a people-centered approach to development,We will continue to ensure and improve people's wellbeing,We will work hard to solve the people's "urgent difficulties and worries",We will continue to improve the quality of people's lives,Let the achievements of building a modern new Hunan benefit the people of the whole province more fairly;Always carry forward the revolutionary spirit and never slack off,Dare to fight and be good at fighting,Meet difficulties head-on and overcome them,Follow the Long March in the new era,Hunan will run its own affairs well,Hunan should make due contributions to the comprehensive construction of socialist modern country。

The century-old history of the Party is engraved with the glory of struggle and also indicates the future direction。Drawing wisdom and strength from the study and education of Party history and absorbing deep nutrients from the red land under our feet, we are full of confidence in the beautiful vision of building a new modern Hunan, and our way forward will be more stable and long-term!

(The author is Secretary of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress)

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Xu Dazhe: Learn the glorious history of the party to draw the striving force | Hunan Machinery Industry Association

Xu Dazhe wrote: Learn the glorious history of the party to draw the striving force, Hunan Machinery Industry Association

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