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Wasion Group Limited
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Wasion Group Co., LTD | Hunan Machinery Industry Association

Wasion Group Co., LTD., Hunan Machinery Industry Association

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       Wasion Group LimitedWesson Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Wesson") is a core subsidiary of Wesson Holdings Limited (HK3393). Founded in 2000, Wesson is a leading supplier of energy metering equipment, systems and services in China. It was successfully listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong in 2005 and has more than 2,000 employees。Wasion serves the power and energy supply industry with efficient and integrated energy solutions,As well as large public construction, petroleum and petrochemical, transportation and other industrial and commercial and residential users,Support the development of smart cities, smart communities and smart homes with innovative products and solutions,The business scope has covered all provinces and regions in China,And exported to nearly 70 countries and regions around the world,Established business links with more than 100 countries and regions,Product quality has been widely recognized by users。

       Wasion Science Park covers an area of 460 mu,The building area is 150,000 square meters,Introduced the industry's leading automated production equipment and process technology, advanced logistics management system FRAME WORX and SAP ERP system,It is one of the advanced R&D and manufacturing bases for energy measurement and energy efficiency management products in China。

       Wasion deeply cultivates the domestic power metering field, and actively responds to the national "Belt and Road" initiative, and vigorously develops overseas markets;The implementation of "Made in China 2025", increase automation, intelligent investment, improve production efficiency and per capita output, economic and social benefits have achieved remarkable results。

       2013年11月4日,习总书记莅临威胜视察,并鼓励威胜加大研发,不断创新。At the general Secretary's encouragement,Wasion has always been driven by innovation,Has a strong energy measurement and energy efficiency management technology research and development team,There are more than 700 R&D engineers and technicians,More than 300 of them are R&D technicians,Master's degree or above (including doctor's degree) accounted for 36% of senior talents,There are 12 members of the national Technical Committee for standardization of electrical instruments and meters。Wasion has National Enterprise Technology Center, Hunan Electrical Measuring Instrument Engineering Technology Research Center and enterprise postdoctoral workstation,In May 2012, "Academician Expert Workstation" was established.,Joint Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering 2 academicians and their expert team of high-quality resources,Continuously improve the company's technological innovation capability;Wasion Research Institute was established in June,To become the engine that leads the future technical direction of Wasion and promotes the steady development of Wasion's business。

       In 2016, Wasion invested more than 7% of its operating income in research and development and technological innovation to ensure a step ahead of the technology and products。Up to now,Wasion Group has 533 valid patents,Among them, 30 invention patents, 302 utility models, 200 designs, and 1 integrated circuit layout;Has 353 software Copyrights,Participated in the formulation of 40 national and industry standards,Won the second prize of national science and technology progress,China Patent Excellence Award 1,Hunan Province science and Technology progress first prize 1,Other provincial and municipal science and technology awards。In 2016, Wasion won the title of "2016 Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Project" and "National Quality Benchmarking Enterprise" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and won the 5th Hunan Provincial Governor Quality Award in 2017。

       In the future, Wasion will adhere to the core corporate values of "sincerity to excellence, justice and benefit co-existence", and actively fulfill corporate social responsibilities while achieving leap-forward development, so that every city, every community, every enterprise and every family can benefit from Wasion's products, technologies and services for a long time。 

Wasion Group Co., LTD | Hunan Machinery Industry Association

Wasion Group Co., LTD., Hunan Machinery Industry Association

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